Best sportsbook bonus rollover strategy – How to maximise your profit

Sportsbook bonus rollovers are common in the modern world of online gambling. So how can you maximise your profit from these promotions?

In this article, we’ll look at what bonus rollovers are along with different strategies you can use to profit from them and how to get started today.

Let’s get started.

What is a sportsbook bonus rollover?

A sportsbook bonus rollover may be a new term to some of you, so here’s a short introduction.

As I’m sure you know, the bookmakers offer a huge range of free bets and bonuses for both new and existing customers.

A lot of punters take advantage of these offers to increase their betting profit. Sportsbook bonus rollovers are common and are used by a lot of bookmakers in 2019.

So what is a bonus rollover and how do they work?

Certain bookmakers offer free bets and other promotions that require you to roll over the bonus many times.

You might be wondering what the purpose of this is. A lot of bookmakers want something in return for handing out free bets and other promotions.

That’s why several bookies use the rollover which requires punters to place a number of bets.

Sportsbook rollover example

As with most things, it’s easier to explain with an example. You might find a sportsbook rollover that looks something like this.

Bookmaker A offers a 100% deposit bonus up to £50. That means if you sign up and deposit £50, the bookie will match your initial deposit.

This promotion comes with a rollover requirement of 5 times deposit and bonus. So the total you’ll need to rollover is £500 (£50 deposit and £50 bouns = £100 x 5).

So in this example, you’d need to place bets worth a total of £500 before you can withdraw any money from your new bookmaker account.

Mansion Bet bonus rollover

If you do withdraw any funds, you may end up voiding your bonus.

Whilst this example is made up, various bookmaker promotions look similar.

So now we know what sportsbook rollovers are, let’s look at different strategies you can use to profit from such scenarios.

If you use matched betting, you can potentially make the bonus rollover requirement easier to complete and withdraw your funds more quickly.

Using matched betting for bonus rollovers

So how is it possible to use match betting?

Matched betting involves placing bets at both a bookmaker and a betting exchange.

By offsetting your bets at the betting exchange, there’s a chance that your bets will win at the exchange.

In this scenario, your funds will leave the bookmaker account meaning you won’t need to complete the bonus rollover.

With large bonus rollovers requirements, you may not achieve this in one bet. You may need to place several bets before completing the rollover bonus.

Different bonus rollover strategies

In the next section, we’re going to look at different rollover strategies you can use.

Some bettors choose to use high odds meaning your bets are more likely to win at the exchange leaving you with less or no wagering requirements at the bookie.

This process is called busting out. If you pick really high odds, all of your funds may end up in the exchange account rather than your bookie account after one bet.

However, to do this effectively you’ll need a large bank balance to place both your back and lay bet.

All in all, sportsbooks rollovers are annoying in terms of matched betting and they require more effort than other free bets and bonuses. However, they’re still well worth completing in 2019 and beyond.

Important bonus rollover betting tips

Here are some useful tips to use when completing sportsbook bonus rollovers.

  • Check the terms and conditions
  • Pick tight back and lay bets

Check bonus rollover terms and conditions

You must check the terms and conditions of the rollover requirement.

The bookies usually add important information in the small print which is crucial to completing the wagering requirements.

Specific things you should look out for include:

  • Restricted markets
  • Minimum odds
  • The maximum payout for the bonus
  • Time deadlines

Amongst other things.

If you don’t meet certain criteria the bookmaker may void your bonus and you’ll be left out of pocket. So it’s important to pay close attention to the small print with the sportsbook rollover.

The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be placing your bets.

Pick tight back and lay bets

If you’re using matched betting, it’s important to pick tight back and lay odds to ensure you maximise the amount of profit you make.

Remember, the aim is to withdraw and keep as much of the bookie bonus as possible.

For more information on how to do this, check out this article.

Get started with matched betting

If you’re just getting started with matched betting, it’s a great idea to sign up to a service like OddsMonkey who will guide you through the entire process.

Amongst other things, you’ll get in-depth tutorials on how to complete sportsbook rollovers and first-class support if you get stuck with anything.

You can sign up with OddsMonkey using this link.

Bonus rollovers summary

Sportsbook rollovers can be rather annoying when compared to other more simple matched betting offers.

However, they’re still well worth completing and will add to your monthly profit when you know what you’re doing.

I thoroughly recommend you sign up to OddsMonkey who will guide you through the entire process and help you maximise your earnings.

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