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Big Brother 2018 predictions and betting odds

Who’s been watching Big Brother this year?

If you haven’t, you’ve missed out! But it’s not too late, there’s always time to catch up although it is the final tomorrow.

As usual, this year has seen it’s fair share of controversy. Earlier on in the series, Ann Widdecombe, the former British politician, received criticism for her comments to housemates Shane Jenek and Andrew Brady. They were discussing same sex marriages (Ann voted against gay marriage during her time in politics) to which Jenek said ‘You might not respect our marriage Ann, but you have to recognise our love.’

Ann responded by saying ‘don’t be disgusting’. Viewers were left unhappy and some deemed it offensive as they took to Twitter to voice their anger! However, Ann has still made it to the final so it seems viewers have forgiven her.

So who else is in the final?

  • Ann Widdecombe
  • Jess Impiazzi
  • Courtney Act / Shane Jenek
  • Shane Lynch
  • Wayne Sleep

Betting odds

So who do the bookies think is likely to win the 2018 edition of Big Brother? Here are some of the major bookies’ odds.


Courtney Act – 1.57
Ann Widdecombe – 2.75
Shane Lynch – 16.00


Courtney Act – 1.57
Ann Widdecombe – 2.88
Shane Lynch – 20.00


Courtney Act – 1.57
Ann Widdecombe – 2.88
Shane Lynch – 20.00

The odds are all fairly similar and it looks like it’s going to be a two horse race between Courtney Act and Ann Widdecombe.

Matched betting and Big Brother

The bookies never miss a trick when it comes to offering markets for customers to bet on. In an ideal world, they’d have a market for everything.

As with most popular TV contestant shows, there are plenty of Big Brother markets available at the bookies. This could be the perfect market to place your matched bets on.

All we need is a lay market to make our matched bets risk free. For this we’ll head over to a betting exchange. I suggest you use the Betfair betting exchange to place your lay bets. They’re more likely to have a higher liquidity than Smarkets or any other exchange out there.

Overall, placing matched bets on different events like TV shows and politics works incredibly well. It’s easier to blend in with the betting crowd and it makes our matched betting more interesting. Here at The Sure Bettor, we strongly recommend you use this technique to increase your profitability from matched betting.

Thanks everyone