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Banker bets

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Banker bet meaning
Banker bet example
How many banker bets can you place?
What can you place banker bets on?
Why are banker bets so effective?

Banker bet meaning

A banker bet is your preferred selection, the one you are most confident with and the one you think is most likely to win.

Banker bets are slightly different to your standard betting slips as we’ll look at below. However, you need at least three selections in your bet slip to place a banker bet.

Banker bet example

As with most things, it’s easier to explain how banker bets work by showing you an example.

In the following example, I’m using bet365 to place my banker bet.

Let’s say that you want to place a bet on three football teams in the Premier League. I’ve selected Liverpool, Man Utd and Tottenham. I’m very confident that Liverpool will win their game, so I decide to place a banker bet.

Banker bet selections

Once you’ve added your selections to your bet slip, you’ll have a couple of options.

You can either stick with the Standard bet slip or change it to Banker via the drop-down menu as you can see in the image below. I’m going to alter it to banker.

Banker bet option

Next, you’ll see a notice saying ‘One or more of your selections needs to be a banker’.

Banker bet notice

So now you need to pick your banker bet. This is the selection which you think is most likely to win. In my example, I’m going to select Liverpool as my banker bet. So I’ll click on the B next to Liverpool in the bet slip.

You’ll see several options open up at the bottom of the bet slip.

In a banker bet, your banker team must win or else the entire bet is a losing one.

We also need to select whether one or both the other teams will win their fixtures. 1/2 represents one of the two remaining teams winning and 2/2 represents both teams winning.

In this scenario, I’m going to select 1/2 as I’m not confident both Man Utd and Tottenham will win their games along with our banker bet (Liverpool).

Once you’re happy with your selection, it’s time to go ahead and place your bets. As you can see, the process of placing banker bets is not difficult once you understand the concept.

How many banker bets can you place?

The number of banker bets you can place depends on the total number of selections you have in your bet slip. With just three selections, you can only place one banker bet.

There need to be two other teams that aren’t selected as a banker.

Most bookmakers allow you to place up to 14 selections in your banker bet slip of which you can choose up to 12 bankers. However, winning a scenario like this is incredibly unlikely so I wouldn’t advise placing a bet with that many bankers.

What can you place banker bets on?

You can place banker bets on literally any market you fancy. You can mix sporting categories and your selections don’t have to settle on the same day. So you could pick football teams that are playing on different days if you wish.

Why are banker bets so effective?

As you may have worked out, banker bets are quite similar to accumulators except for one main difference. If any team let you down in an accumulator, your bet is a losing one. However, with banker bets, this doesn’t necessarily mean the same.

As long as your banker bet wins, your bet will remain active even if one of your other teams lets you down. The key to keeping your bets active is picking your banker bet wisely.

It’s important to do your research and select a team which are likely to win. You don’t want your banker team to let you down.

The great thing about the modern world of football is that you can more often than not rely on the top teams to win their games. Man City won 32 of their 38 games in the 2018/19 Premier League season. That’s an 84% success rate.

Selecting a team like Man City as your banker bet, especially if they’re playing a weaker opponent, is a great strategy.

A banker bet is a great option that is rarely known in the industry. However, it provides benefits over the wildly popular accumulator betting option.