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Betting Records Being Broken for Mayweather McGregor Fight

There is just over a week to go before the most anticipated fight in boxing history. Floyd Money Mayweather, the undefeated boxer, will face ‘The Notorious’ MMA legend, Conor McGregor. The ‘Fight of the Century’ will take place in the T-Mobile Arena where ring-side seats have been going for as much as £85,000.

Betting records have been snowballing pretty much since the day the fight was confirmed. At Betfair, the largest betting exchange in the world, the previous betting record for a boxing match was £8.9m for the Mayweather Pacquiao fight in 2015.

With still over a week to go this record has nearly been doubled with the total matched on the Betfair Exchange standing at just over £17.6m.

Katie Baylis, a spokesperson from Betfair said: “We expect this fight to trade well over £50m and could even get to the £100m mark, which would be one of our biggest sporting events of all time.

“As you would expect most of the money is for Mayweather Jr, however 40% of bets are on McGregor, compared to 34% on Mayweather Jr and 26% on the draw.”

The fight is also expected to break all-time PPV (pay per view) records. It’s the most distributed fight in history, being available to watch in nearly 200 countries world wide using streaming services over Wifi.

Other Bookies

It’s not just Betfair where the records are being broken. Many of the other betting exchanges and bookies are experiencing a similar trend.

At Ladbrokes, they expect at least £40m to be staked on the upcoming fight, doubling the amount that was wagered on the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko fight a few months back.

The biggest bet placed so far is an US$880k wager placed in a Las Vegas Casino by an anonymous gambler for Mayweather to win.

Lighter Gloves

Last week the Nevada State Athletic Commission accepted the request from both players to use lighter gloves, at 8 ounces instead of 10 ounces.

It seems that both players have an advantage using these gloves. Mayweather has won nearly all of his 49 bouts using the lighter 8 ounce gloves. McGregor, switching from MMA, is used to wearing finger-less gloves which weigh just 4 ounces.

What are the Current Odds?

Using the Betfair betting exchange the current decimal odds are:

Mayweather – 1.28
McGregor – 4.6
Draw – 95

Matched Betting

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