Betting Gods review – The best tipster site available in 2021

Betting Gods is one of the most popular tipster sites out there. They provide a huge range of free and paid tips covering most major sports and events.

But the question is should you sign up with Betting Gods in 2021?

Here are some of the things we’ll cover in this Betting Gods review:

  • What is Betting Gods
  • Using Betting Gods
  • Pros and cons of Betting Gods
  • The best tipsters at Betting Gods

Plus we share whether you should sign up for an account in 2021.

Let’s get started.

What is Betting Gods?

Since you’re reading this review, I’m assuming you don’t know much about Betting Gods and what they offer, so where better to start than with a short introduction?

As I mentioned at the start of this review, Betting Gods is a popular tipster site used by over 120,000 punters to help them beat the bookmakers.

You don’t need me to tell you how popular betting tips are in the gambling industry. Thousands of punters look for the latest betting tips every day in order to maximise their profit.

The platform consists of 14 professional tipsters who cover a wide range of sports from horse racing to ice hockey and basketball.

Betting Gods tipsters

Betting Gods also offer free tips which are picked by the pros mentioned above.

Unlike other tipster sites, Betting Gods have a rigorous vetting process to ensure only the best and most consistent tipsters are accepted onto the platform.

Should you pay for betting tips or not? Check out this article for more information.

Signing up

Signing up with Betting Gods is incredibly straightforward.

Simply enter your name and email address and click ‘Join For Free’. Betting Gods will then send you a confirmation link via email which you need to click.

It’s as simple as that!

Betting Gods signup

With a free membership, Betting Gods will send you hand-picked betting tips every day.

These tips are from some of the most profiable tipsters around so you’re getting a lot of value. Free membership also gives you a chance to try out the professional tipsters which you can subscribe to at a later date.

Below is a typical example of the free tips Betting Gods send out:

If you want to take your earnings to the next level and beat the bookmakers more regularly, I recommend you subscribe to a professional tipster.

Once you’ve found a tipster you like, click ‘View Profile’. Here you can analyse key tipster stats and find out more about the service they offer.

All premium tipsters on the Betting Gods network offer a trial period which you can access for around £2. This gives you a chance to test out the tispter before investing too much of your own cash.

Pros and cons of Betting Gods

As with all tipster sites, there are various pros and cons to consider. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Free tips available
  • Access to expert tipsters
  • Tips on a wide range of sports
  • Save yourself time

And the cons:

  • More tipsters would be good
  • Customer support could be better

Let’s check out each of these in more detail.

Free tips available

When you first register with Betting Gods, you’ll have access to free betting tips every day which are great for getting started. Whilst you can opt for paid tipsters straight away, I recommend you try out the free tips for a few days and see what you think.

If you’re pleased with the results, you can consider upgrading.

Most tipster sites offer free tips but not many offer the same value as the ones at Betting Gods. These are professional tips from some of the best tipsters in the world.

Access to expert tipsters

One of the main considerations when using a tipster site like Betting Gods is the quality of tipsters available on the platform.

You want high-quality tipsters that have a proven track record of beating the bookmakers. That way you’re more likely to make a profit by following their tips.

Betting Gods does not disappoint in this regard. As we’ll look at later in the review, the tipsters at Betting Gods are very high quality. 

As I mentioned earlier, each tipster goes through rigorous testing before they’re allowed to join the platform. This is a 6-month vetting process which really separates the sheep from the goats.

Betting Gods top tipsters

There are currently 14 pro tipsters on the Betting Gods platform. These tipsters cover a wide range of sports and events meaning there’s something for everyone.

Before following a certain tipster, you can analyse key stats such as monthly profit, ROI and total profit along with which sports they bet on.

Overall, Betting Gods boasts some of the best and most profitable tipsters on their platform.

Save time

One of our key betting tips is to always research and analyse your bets before placing them. This is vital if you want to beat the bookies in the long run.

However, the one downside to this process is how much time it takes. This strategy is not quick. To ensure the best results it requires time and dedication.

This is where betting tips come in handy. If you haven’t got the time or simply don’t want to research the latest bets, you can follow a tipster which makes the process a whole lot easier.

Whilst this will cost you a little money, it will save you a huge amount of time in the long run.

Leaving the betting selections to those that have expert knowledge of the industry is a great strategy. What’s more, a typicaly monthly membership of around £30 will pay for itself with one winning bet.

What betting tips are available?

Whilst there are only 14 professional tipsters on the network, there is a good range of different sports and categories covered.

No matter what sport you’re interested in, there will be plenty of betting tips available. This is especially true for football and horse racing.

You’re bound to find a tipster that suits your needs. The main sports covered include:

  • Football
  • Horse racing
  • Cricket
  • eSports
  • Grayhound racing
  • Basketball
  • NHL

And more…

Certain tipsters focus on one sport where as others have a broader approach and cover a wider range of categories.

Whilst Betting Gods can’t match Tipstrr in terms of the number of tips, the overall quality is certainly much higher on this platform.

Tipsters at Betting Gods are required to stake no more than £10 on each bet. This makes it easy to compare different tipsters and also means most punters are able to take part.

Best tipsters at Betting Gods

You can’t write a review of Betting Gods without mentioning the tipsters on the platform. These are some of the best and most renowned tipsters in the world.

So who are the best tipsters at Betting Gods? Let’s find out!

1. Quentin Franks Racing

One of the most well known tipsters in the world, Quentin Franks Racing has built up a great reputation over the years. He joined the Betting Gods platform back in 2014 and has been one of the most successful and reliable tipsters ever since.

Quentin Franks Racing - Betting Gods

With nearly £41,000 total profit and an average monthly profit of just under £500, Quentin has consistently beaten the bookmakers and provided a brilliant service to thousands of punters.

Quentin focuses on horse racing and sends tips out between 9am and 10am every day. On average you can expect around 90 tips per month.

Key stats

Total profit – £40,830.25
Average monthly profit – £497.93
ROI – 16.91%
Tips per month – 90

Note: stats are correct at the time of writing and verified by Betting Gods. Stats based on an avergae stake of £25.

2. The Outside Edge

Another popular tipster on the Betting Gods platform is The Outside Edge. Darren, the guy behind this tipster service has achieved an outstanding return in less than two years. He joined the platform in December 2019 and has made a total profit of over £12,000 in that time.

The Outside Edge - Betting Gods

Like Quentin, Darren focuses on the horse racing and sends out his value tips the evening before a race. He then sends a couple more tips the morning of a race. You can expect around 98 tips per month with The Outside Edge.

Key stats

Total profit – £12,121.75
Average monthly profit – £757.61
ROI – 17.64%
Tips per month – 98

Note: stats are correct at the time of writing and verified by Betting Gods. Stats based on an avergae stake of £25.

Using Betting Gods

So what’s it like using Betting Gods on a regular basis?

In short, it’s a great experience. The entire site is incredibly user friendly, the mobile application makes betting on the go incredibly easy and the layout is very easy to follow no matter how much experience you have with betting.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s incredibly easy to find your favourite tipsters and check out their stats etc. Betting Gods makes it easy to analyse tipsters so you can choose whether to sign up or not.

All in all, Betting Gods is a great tipster service in terms of user experience.

Betting Gods reviews

Let’s look at some Betting Gods reviews to see what the average punter thinks of this tipster network.

Betting Gods reviews 2021

The reviews of Betting Gods are brilliant. On Trustpilot, the service is rated excellent with a Trustscore of 4.5 from 576 reviews.

Leaving a 5-star review, one punter said “Helpful, brilliant, superb. Not enough words to describe the betting gods tipsters. Gets my seal of approval and recommendation.”.

Betting Gods reviews

A Betting Gods user obvioulsy happy with the platform.

But with the good, we must also check out the bad!

Betting Gods review

Whilst this punter must be annoyed with Betting Gods, it’s important to understand that winning is not guaranteed. There’s no magic switch that tipsters flick…

So scenarious like this above story may occur.

As you can see, on the whole existing members are very complimentary of Betting Gods. Why not join thousands of other punters and get started with Betting Gods? It’s completely free to join.

How successful are tipsters at Betting Gods?

Another key question to consider before getting started with Betting Gods is how successful the tipsters on the platform really are. This will have a direct impact on the amount of profit you’ll make so it’s an important consideration.

It’s fair to say the quality of tipsters is very high at Betting Gods.

Some of the most profitable tipsters have returns of more than 20% and £1000s in overall profits. You’ll do well to find better tipsters out there.

Do you need to pay for betting tips?

One of the questions we often get asked by beginners is whether or not you should pay for betting tips or not. 

My answer to this question is that it depends. You need to ask yourself what you want to get out of your betting strategy.

If you’re looking to invest time and effort in order to maximise your profit, I recommend you use paid tipsters like ones on the Betting Gods network. They offer a more comprehensive solution and arguably better tips. 

However, if you prefer you can also use the free tips that Betting Gods provide. For more information on the difference, check out this article.

Should you use Betting Gods?

So the question of this review, should you use Betting Gods in 2021? 

Let’s check out the pros and cons:


  • High quality, consistent tipsters
  • Great range of sports covered
  • Simple & easy to use platform
  • Free tips are great value


  • Could do with more than 14 professional tipsters
  • Customer support could be improved

So that brings us to the end of my Betting Gods review.

Whilst Betting Gods could do with more than 14 tipsters with a wider range of tips available each day, their current tipsters do provide a high quality service that beats other tipster networks.

If you’re just getting started, the free tips provide great value and are a brilliant way to test out the platform.

If you like what you see in terms of the free tips, you can move onto the pro tipsters and really start pulling in some nice profit.

It’s free to sign up meaning you really have nothing to lose.

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