How do you better your odds of winning online casino games?

Casino games can be a lot of fun, but what players generally want is to win money. Knowing how to increase your odds of winning is important. Unfortunately, the internet is full of gimmicks, tricks, and casino game cheats that don’t work.

In reality, to increase your odds of winning, you only need to know a few basic things. 

Understand the house edge

Every casino game has a house edge. This is expressed as a percentage and is the mathematical advantage the casino has. For example, American roulette has a house edge of 5.25%. This means that for every $100 wagered, the casino will collect $5.25 in the long term.

If we compare this to European roulette, which only has one green zero pocket on the wheel, the house edge is 2.6%. That’s a big difference and adds up to a lot of money over time. You can therefore see how understanding the house edge makes a difference in winning at a casino online.

What games have the highest and lowest house edges? 

If you play them correctly, blackjack and video poker have lower house edges. For instance, playing blackjack with a perfect strategy reduces the house edge to under 1%. Additionally, some video poker variants can have a negative advantage if played with an optimal strategy.

On the other hand, instant-win games like lotto and keno have higher house edges. It’s not uncommon for keno games to have an edge of 20% or more.

Therefore, to increase your odds of winning, make sure you understand the house advantage of the game and the specific variant you’re playing and pick games with a low house edge.

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Develop a winning strategy

Some casino games are based on chance, and therefore there’s no strategy to employ. For example, playing slot machines is down to pure luck. Don’t believe in the cheats and systems sold online. Random number generators entirely control the outcomes of these games.

However, there are casino games that involve an element of skill. In these games, you can employ strategies to increase your odds of winning. For example, such games include blackjack, video poker, and some live poker games like Texas Hold’em.

When it comes to blackjack, there are entire books on how to card count. Yet, you don’t have to be a math wizard to beat this game. Instead, you can use basic blackjack strategy cards that will tell you how to maximize your odds of winning.

However, because all casino games have a mathematical house edge, you might benefit by playing a card game like poker instead. These games don’t have a house edge because they’re player vs. player games. So the house takes a cut of the action, but you aren’t at any mathematical disadvantage.

Use casino bonuses to your advantage

Most online casinos offer free spins on slots and deposit matches for new players. Therefore, if you understand how to pick fair bonuses, they can increase your chance of winning. Consequently, you should wager the bonus cash and use it to make extra bets to increase yourchances of winning.

The trick is knowing the difference between fair bonuses and deals you should pass on. Bonuses with low or no wagering requirements are the best. Wagering requirements refer to the number of times you’ll have to wager a bonus before you can withdraw it. The higher that number, the smaller your chance of keeping the bonus cash will be.

To illustrate, imagine a $200 bonus has 20x wagering requirements. You’ll have to wager $4,000 before the bonus cash is yours. If the wagering requirements are only 10x, you’ll have to wager $2,000. That’s a lot easier to achieve.

Once you’ve wagered the bonus money, it becomes real money in your account. You can then withdraw it and keep it or use it to try to win more. Many players consider winning the bonus cash as a win in itself and stop there. However, using the cash for extra spins, rolls, and hands equals more chances to win, too.

The best way to wager bonus cash is to play low-volatility slot machines. They pay little and often with no long dry spells or real explosive wins. For instance, slots like Starburst by NetEnt are ideal for wagering bonus cash.

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