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BetBallers review 2019 – Should you use this football statistics tool?

In the modern world of football betting, statistics and other information are vital to placing winnings bets regularly. And at BetBallers, you can find just that.

The BetBallers website gives punters that extra edge by providing key statistics, betting odds and full match coverage on a huge range of football fixtures each week.

Continue reading for an in-depth review of the BetBallers platform and how this tool can help in your football betting strategy.

BetBallers review 2019

Before signing up, BetBallers gives you a great insight into what you’ll find once you’ve become a member. They give you a little taster for what’s to come.

If you head to the homepage of the site, you’ll find information about the service and what they offer. You can also check out a number of features which we’ll look at next in our review.

Watch the video below or continue reading our review to find out more.



If you click on the in-play section you’ll find a list of live football matches that BetBallers is covering. This is only a small number of fixtures. You need to sign up for access to more games.

However, there’s still plenty of information to get you started.

In-play with BetBallers

Just above the live fixtures on the right-hand side, you’ll find a filter function. This allows you to single out certain football leagues or teams that you want to research or bet on.

Another advantage of using BetBallers is that you can filter using advanced criteria such as favourite team losing, or underdogs winning etc.

BetBallers in play

You can click on certain teams to research a huge range of historical data along with head to head results.

Live stats at BetBallers

If you click through to a live match from the search icon within a fixture, you’ll find loads of important information you can use to help place winning football bets. Some of the stats include:

  • Latest score
  • Live betting odds
  • Number of shots
  • Number of corners
  • Number of cards shown
  • Number of attacks

You can see stats and data for a range of time periods including the entire match, just the first half, just the second half or 5-minute increments.

You can also find in-depth charts, latest betting odds from a range of bookmakers, team information and much more.

BetBallers live match

BetBallers also provides a comparison feature where you can compare relevant data between two teams in a match. This makes your research incredibly easy and this is a feature I’ve not seen anywhere else in the market.

The teams info tab gives an overview of a team’s latest form, general and likelihood (from goals to corners) stats, as well as an insight into scoring/conceding minutes.

BetBallers team info

BetBallers really does go above and beyond with the amount of information readily available to punters. These features set them apart from other football stats websites and allow you to place more valueable bets.

BetBallers does a great job of displaying this information in a clear and easy to understand manner. However, if you wish, you can also create your own layout by changing the settings.

If you sign up and become a member, you’ll have the option of adding more customisations like adding favourites and setting parameters so you only receive information you want.


Let’s take a look at the next section which you’ll come across. It’s called Schedule.

This section gives punters the chance to check upcoming matches in the next seven days. You’ll find the latest betting odds from a range of bookmakers, along with full match statistics, historical data and most importantly head to head data from past fixtures.

Here are some of the things you’ll find:

  • Recent form
  • Goals scored/conceded
  • Goals to shots ratio

And much more…

Once again, you can easily customise and filter what notifications and favourites you see with a premium BetBallers account.


The next section you’ll come across is called Results. In this section, you’ll find recent football results along with important information and statistics. You’ll find similar categories to the in-play and schedule sections above and also a range of betting markets and odds.

There are a number of advanced features that can help you find valueable bets such as searching for teams that won their fixtures but went in as underdogs. You can find this function in the ‘rank underdogs’ tab.

Once again, you can separate the first and second half allowing for more in-depth and accurate research.


Once you’ve signed up and become a member, you’ll find a number of other sections. Statistics is one of them.

Here, you’ll find latest stats along with top-performing teams for certain categories like most goals scored, most attacks etc. This is great for bettors looking to bet on high performing teams.

Another section, the underdog/favourite category is a great option for bettors. This lets you see which teams won the most when they were the underdog or teams that have lost the most being the favourite.

Overall this section is great for finding markets where the bookmaker may have underpriced the odds. Finding as much value as possible is key to the long term success of your football betting strategy.


You can also find the latest information regarding specific leagues. Simply filter the league you want and you can see averages and other important league stats to help with your betting. You’ll find important information like most goals for and against along with plenty more data.

In this section, you can also add your own notes. This allows you to jot down important information on teams or fixtures you may want to bet on in the future. Another awesome feature that BetBallers offer punters.


BetBallers provides a notifications feature where you can choose from a number of preset options or create and customise your own notifications. There are 26 existing alerts and you can alter them depending on your preferences.

You can add notifications for any team or fixture you wish. BetBallers works directly with Google Push meaning you can always stay up to speed with your latest notifications.

BetBallers mobile application

To further increase the flexibility of your betting, BetBallers offers punters a mobile application for both iOS and Android. You can access exactly the same features as the desktop version apart from the notes feature.

Notifications are available meaning it’s easy to place mobile bets when you’re on the go.

You can access the apps via the following links:


Create your BetBallers account

Creating your new BetBallers account is incredibly easy.

If you’re not sure about BetBallers just yet, you can start with a two-day free trial where you’ll have access to all the features mentioned above. This allows you to test the water and see what the platform’s like.

Currently, BetBallers accept PayPal or Skrill as a payment method.

You can gain Gold-Baller access for a range of time periods including two days, one month or six months. The most popular option is the one-month subscription as it gives you time to test out the BetBallers platform.

As an extra benefit, customers who use the discount code “thesurebettor” will receive €10 off a monthly Gold-Baller pass which usually costs €29.90.

Should you use BetBallers?

So you’ve got all the information, but should you sign up for a BetBallers account in 2019?

In short, I’d certainly recommend you do.

BetBallers is a great solution for those looking to place winning bets on football. They offer a huge amount of information and stats which makes picking valuable bets incredibly easy.

With data going back to 2015, you’ll have more than enough information to place winning bets on a regular basis.

Available in 7 different languages, you’ll certainly find what you need at BetBallers.