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You Can Still Bet on David Beckham

When placing a bet, many people bet on sporting competitions. Boxing, football, the Olympics and horse racing are the most popular events to gamble on. Is there a way to mix it up and place bets on different events? Here at The Sure Bettor, we have considered this.

You can place bets on almost anything. This means that you can place back and lay bets on almost anything too. All you need to do, is make sure that both the bookie and the betting exchange are accepting bets for the same event that you want to bet on. For more unusual markets which are less popular we advise that you use Betfair.

Betting always revolves around an event, but this doesn’t have to be related to sport. For instance, David Beckham is now a retired footballer but you can still bet on him becoming chairman of FIFA!

You can bet on a wide range of events including the royal family, such as the name of the new royal baby, or, the year Prince Charles takes the throne.

Alongside this, you can place back and lay bets on the weather. Will it snow on Christmas Day?

Personalised Bets

Some bookmakers will even allow you to make personalised bets too. Although these may not be suitable for Matched Betting, they can be a good form of entertainment. You can bet against yourself or possibly bet that you will be director of your company within 5 years. As long as you can provide the proof the bookmaker requires, you enter into a contract and if you win, the bookie must pay out.

The betting industry is becoming more flexible in terms of their user experience. I’m sure this is set to continue for a long time as bookies find ways to get ahead of the competition.

When thinking of a market to place your back and lay bets, try to think outside the box. Consider bets that aren’t too common. Inject a bit of fun!

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Be sure to let us know the strangest bets you make or that you hear of. We will and feature them for you and help to make you famous!!!

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