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Best sports for matched betting

Matched betting is an awesome way to make money online. There are few, if any, better ways to make a guaranteed profit from the comfort of your own home. What’s more, all your profit is completely tax free. Less for the taxman and more to spend or save how you wish.

Another great thing about matched betting is it really doesn’t matter what we bet on. The only requirement is that there is a lay market available to ensure our matched bets are risk free.

We can place our bets on literally anything. From the worlds biggest sporting events, to who the next prime minister will be, to the next X Factor winner.

It really doesn’t matter. With the depth of markets now available at some of the most popular betting exchanges you’re sure to find the lay market you’re after.

However, not all events are created equal. Certain markets allow us to make more money than others do. We created this article to help you decide which events you should focus your matched betting efforts on.

Below are the key reasons some events are better suited to matched betting than others.


Liquidity is the amount of money waiting to be matched at a betting exchange. It’s similar to the number of people in a queue at a shop checkout. The more, the better.

This is important in matched betting for a number of reasons. Firstly it makes placing our bets easier and secondly it helps us to blend in with the betting crowd.

Obviously the more popular events have a higher liquidity which is what we want for our matched betting markets. The liquidity of a market is shown underneath the odds. Below is an example from Smarkets.

The liquidity is always changing as people enter and leave the marketplace.

Offers Available

This is another area some events are better suited to matched betting than others. In simple terms, the more popular an event is, the more promotions the bookies run.

Since the rise of the internet, the betting industry has become incredibly competitive. Bookmakers are having to do more to gain and then retain  new customers. They do this by offering countless promotions and free bets. It’s these offers that we take advantage of as matched bettors.

Best Sports

Whilst betting on the next winner of I’m a Celebrity or who the next Prime Minister is a novelty, sports betting is where most players gamble.

This is why sports are great for us matched bettors to place our bets. But which is the best sport?


There’s a reason football is first on our list. It’s the best sport to use for matched betting.

Football is the most popular sport in the UK and people loving betting on it as well. As we’ve discussed, a key part of matched betting is to bet where the rest of the ‘normal’ players are betting. This is very easy to do with football.

As you’d assume, the liquidity for football markets is brilliant. You’ll never have a problem placing a bet on a popular football market.

It’s not just the liquidity in football that makes it so great. There are also no end of promotions we can make a guaranteed profit from.

With the 2018 Football World Cup just around the corner, there will be plenty of money to be made from countless offers the bookies will be promoting next summer. Stay tuned in at The Sure Bettor and you won’t miss an opportunity to bag yourself a profit from the World Cup.

We recommend matched betting beginners place their first few bets on Football markets. The odds are more steady than other events on this list which makes placing your bets far easier.

Horse Racing

Being the second most bet on sport in the UK, horse racing is another brilliant option to place your matched bets. There are certain horse races and meets that attract significant amounts of betting. Events such as The Grand National and Royal Ascot are prime examples. As you’d imagine there are countless promotions the bookies offer for such events.

The liquidity in horse racing doesn’t increase until about 30 minutes before the off unless we’re talking about a big event such as The Grand National. Therefore, if possible place your bets with about 15 minutes to go. Don’t leave it too late as the markets suddenly start moving around which makes placing your bets difficult.

Read our matched betting on horse racing article for more information.

There are plenty of offers available each week on horse racing which is great for us matched bettors. You’ll have your work cut out when big events are on as most bookmakers offer free bets and promotions.

Overall horse racing should definitely be in your matched betting agenda.


Being the third most popular sport to bet on in the UK, cricket offers a lot of opportunities for matched betting.

There are less free bets and promotions to take advantage of for Cricket but it’s still a good option to place your free bets, especially during large events such as The Ashes or World Cup.


Rugby is similar to Cricket in that there are few free bets to take advantage of. This doesn’t mean you should rule it out however. There are still plenty of markets available to place your free bets on.


Boxing is another one of the biggest and best sports for matched betting. If you’ve got a free bet or qualifying bet to place, big boxing matches are one of the best places to do so. You’ll blend in with the huge betting crowd and you’ll also get some great back and lay odds.

Big boxing matches attract a stupendous amount of money in terms of betting. The bookies love this and offer a great number of free bets and promotions for boxing matches.

There are plenty of other sports that you could place your matched bets on however, the ones above will likely be the most profitable.

Best Non-Sport Matched Betting Markets

There are also non-sporting events which we can place our matched bets on. This is perfect to mix up your matched betting routine.


Politics betting is quite a popular non-sporting market for bettors. Whilst you’re unlikely to find many free bets in this sector you’ll still find some great odds in the run-up to large political votes for example.

Remember to check the market liquidity before you place any bets.

TV Markets

Another great way to mix up your matched betting routine is to place bets on TV markets. At the time of writing, ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of Here!’ 2017 is currently a popular betting choice amongst our members.

As with politics betting, be sure to check there is enough liquidity in the market before placing your matched bets.

Best Events for Matched Betting

Overall, we suggest you place your bets on a range of different events however, you should focus your main efforts on football and horse racing.

We suggest that beginners start with football as the odds are usually stable. Once you’ve got the technique nailed you can move onto other sports and events.

Here at The Sure Bettor we are continually searching for the latest and greatest matched betting offers no matter what market they involve. Sign up now and never miss an opportunity to bag a profit online.

I hope this best sports for matched betting article has given you a better idea of how different sports and events are suited to matched betting.