Best matched betting offers – Best offers to take advantage of in 2019

Matched betting is an incredibly popular betting strategy used by thousands of individuals up and down the country. But what are the best matched betting offers in 2019?

In this article, we’ll check out the most effective matched betting offers, how to profit from them and how much you can expect to make.

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What is matched betting?

This may be the first time you’ve heard of matched betting, so we’ll start right from the beginning with a short introduction.

Matched betting is a strategy in which punters take advantage of bookmakers promotions and free bets to make a guaranteed profit.

This betting strategy is inherently risk-free meaning bettors can use match betting to beat the bookies consistently.

So now you know what match betting is, let’s check out some of the best matched betting offers that you can take advantage of right now.

Best matched betting offers in 2019

To make things easier, bettors split matched betting offers into two main categories. You’ve got sign up offers which are bonuses just for new customers opening an account.

You’ve also got reload offers which are for existing customers only. To start with we’ll look at the best sign up offers available.

Best sign up offers

Sign up offers are a great place to get started with matched betting. They offer bettors the chance to register new accounts whilst also offering great incentives like this Smarkets free bet below.

Smarkets £10 free bet

To get started with matched betting, you’ll need a betting exchange account. Smarkets and Betfair are the two most popular choices in 2019.

Check out this article for more information on which betting exchange to use.

So which are the best matched betting offers from bookmakers?

1. Bet365 – £100 Free Bet

For a long time, bet365 have been the industry leaders in terms of offering the most generous signup promotions.

Best bet365 offer

They once offered a £200 free bet. Whilst this new sign up offer isn’t quite as profitable as the old one, it’s still one of the best out there.

You should expect to make about £80 from this offer.

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2. Ladbrokes – Bet £30, Get £30

Another big name in the betting industry, Ladbrokes offer a great sign up promotion for new customers.

They offer a £30 free bet when you sign up and bet £30 of your own money. Using matched betting, you can make a guaranteed profit from this offer without risking any of your cash.

You should expect to make about £20 – £25 from this offer.

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3. Coral – Bet £30, Get £30

Owned by the same company as Ladbrokes, Coral also offer a great sign up promotion to their new customers.

They offer a Bet £30, Get £30 free bet, similar to Ladbrokes. Once again, you should expect to make between £20 and £25 from this sign up offer.

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Best reload offers

So now we’ve looked at the best matched betting offers for new customers, let’s look at reload offers.

Remember, these are bonuses and free bets for existing customers. So you won’t be able to take advantage of these until you’ve opened and registered a new account.

4. Bet365 – 2 goals ahead early payout

Once again, bet365 make this list thanks to their early payout offer on football.

Whilst you’re not guaranteed to make a profit with these reload offers, they’re still well worth completing as profits can be very rewarding.

Bet365 will pay out any winning bets if your selected team go two goals ahead in a football fixture. If your team then go on to lose the match, both your back and lay bet will win leaving you with a nice profit.

Yes, results need to go your way with this matched betting offer but it can very profitable if they do.

Paddy Power also offers this 2 goals up promotion meaning there’s double the opportunity to profit.

Paddy Power 2up offer

5. Weekly free bet clubs

Another great way to profit from reload offers is taking advantage of weekly free bet clubs. Many bookmakers offer these promotions.

You just need to stake a certain amount during the week to qualify for the weekly free bet.

Here are some of the popular bookmakers that offer these promotions:

  • Coral
  • Skybet
  • Paddy Power

How to find more match betting offers

There are hundreds of matched betting offers similar to the ones mentioned above that you can profit from.

However, the tricky bit is finding these offers and working out which ones are worthwhile. When you’ve got 50 different bookmaker sites to scan through, this process takes quite a while.

That’s where a matched betting service like OddsMonkey comes in handy. Their team are constantly on the lookout for the best matched betting offers for you to profit from.

All the hard work is done for you, all you need to do is place the required bets.

Not sure how to do that? OddsMonkey also walks you through the entire process hand in hand, showing you the exact steps to take.

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Best matched betting offers

The best matched betting offers are changing all the time so it’s important to stay up to date if you’re looking to take advantage of the latest promotions.

The best way to do this is by signing up to OddsMonkey today.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your matched betting.

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