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Most recommended football betting markets for profit

Ever fancied a flutter on the football but didn’t even know where to begin? The world of sports betting can be surprisingly confusing, with industry jargon often creating a barrier of entry. However, when it comes to placing a few bets on football, it really doesn’t have to be that complicated – once you know what to look for anyhow.

Here then, is your comprehensive guide to football’s various betting markets, and which ones you should use in order to maximise profit. All of these betting markets can be discovered at BoyleSports.

Types of football bets 

Firstly, it is very important to outline which types of bets are permitted when it comes to gambling on football. There is a long history, particularly in Europe, of betting on the sporting pastime, with the rules of the modern game being codified as far back as the mid-19th century. For decades, in person bookies regularly took bets on the outcome of games and goalscorers. In the modern age, however, there are so many alternative ways to make money on the result of a given tie. Here are just some of the best and most cost-effective methods.

Match Outcome

The most obvious and widely utilized method of gambling when it comes to football is on the outcome of a match. Punters get to choose between a home win, draw, or away win – meaning you have three options to choose from. Naturally, the odds will vary depending upon the perceived quality and form of a team, but one-sided affairs do allow you to still win relatively big if an upset transpires. Historically, this was by far and away the most common method of football gambling, although as we will go on to show, it sometimes isn’t the most effective.

Double Chance

This method gives players a greater opportunity to win, even if the windfall is slightly less than they may like. Essentially, it allows a player to wager on two different outcomes from the same game. For example, if Man City played Burnley, you could put money on a draw and on a Burnley win – as on their own each outcome is very unlikely. When the odds are stacked against you, it gives players a better opportunity to still win something.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Another rapidly growing market is that of Over/Under 2.5 goals, where you must apply all your prior knowledge of the two sides on show to assess how the game will play out. Think the two defensive sides will play out a drab low scoring draw? Then go for under 2.5. But what if the league’s most free-scoring sides meet? In that case, you might want to take a punt on the over 2.5 option. It’s a market that normally offers relatively similar odds for both choices, so there is decent money to be made for those in the know.

Correct Score

Arguably the most speculative and risky method of football betting comes in the form of guessing the correct score. Here, you will attempt to ascertain what the exact scoreline will be at either half time or full time. The odds are stacked against you, but the rewards can be very lucrative indeed. 

Handicap Betting

Another expanding market you might want to know about is handicap betting, which attempts to level the playing field. A mainstay of American sport betting, it has now made its way over the Atlantic and is – thus far – proving to be popular. When one team is expected to win heavily, there is very often little to be gained from betting on them. 

However, handicap adds a new level of intrigue, as now the favourite must do a bit more for your bet to come off. For instance, an example of a handicap bet might be that the favoured side has to win by two goals or more – a less likely outcome, and therefore, better odds for the punters.

Our recommendation – Accumulators

If there is one method of betting that has truly captured the imagination of the general public, and that of the casual gambler, it is surely accumulators. This is the act of stinging together a series of individual bets on individual match outcomes together to create bigger odds.

If all your selections are correct, then a handy jackpot is coming your way. By contrast, if just one game lets you down, you lose everything. It’s an absorbing way of placing football bets on a dull Saturday afternoon, and therefore, its success of late really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. If you fancy your chances, and back your footballing knowledge, this could be the market for you.

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