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Best bookmakers for betting on cricket in 2019 – The definitive list

With over 2.5 billion global fans, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world only after football.

As you’d imagine, betting on cricket is also incredibly popular in many countries. But which online bookmakers are best for cricket betting?

Read on to find out more.

Best bookmakers for cricket betting

As cricket is such a popular sport, most online bookmakers offer some cricket markets to their customers. Obviously, the range of markets is different at each bookmaker. Some will have plenty whereas others may have a limited range. It all depends on what their customers require.

In this article, we’re looking for bookmakers that offer a wide range of cricket betting markets to their customers, have a great user experience and any added features.

If you’re looking for a quick takeaway from this article, here’s our list of the best bookmakers for betting on cricket.

  • Bet365
  • Paddy Power
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betway

Read on if you want some more information and we’ll take a look at each bookmaker and what they offer.


Being the world’s favourite online betting company with over 32 million users globally (yes I did copy what Ray Winstone says), you’d expect Bet365 to make it onto our list.

They offer a huge range of cricket markets and their coverage is second to none, meaning you’ll always have some cricket to bet on. If Bet365 don’t have the market you’re after, no one will.

In terms of user experience and the overall platform at Bet365, they must be doing something right to have 32 million users. Despite their website having an endless amount of betting categories and markets, they do a great job of keeping the website user-friendly.

Bet365 also offer a brilliant streaming service which allows you to watch cricket matches you bet on. The streaming service at Bet365 is free as long as you have a funded account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

Paddy Power

Second in our list of the top online bookmakers for cricket betting is Paddy Power. I probably don’t need to introduce this betting company as they’re one of the most popular bookies out there.

Betting at Paddy Power is a great experience and they have a great range of markets available.


Having been one of the original highstreet betting brands, Coral have successfully built a booming online presence.

Cricket betting at Coral os brilliant. They offer countless markets and provide some awesome promotions for their customers.


Once again, Ladbrokes is an online bookmaker that don’t need any introductions. They have slightly fewer markets than the likes of Bet365. However, they still have more than enough to satisfy most cricket betting needs.


Perhaps an online bookmaker that you weren’t expecting in this list. However, Betway certainly justifies their inclusion in our top 5 bookmakers for cricket betting.

They have an awesome number of markets available to customers.

They also offer some brilliant promotions to both new and existing bettors.

Cricket betting markets

Before we get into the best cricket bookmakers, let’s check out some of the markets available in you’re thinking of betting on cricket.

There is a huge range of markets as you can bet on either individuals or the team. As the 2019 cricket World Cup is just around the corner, I’ll pick some markets you can bet on. Here’s a quick look at the huge number of markets available on the World Cup at Bet365.

Top Batsman

This is a common cricket betting market and this will likely be available at most online bookmakers that offer cricket.

You’re simply betting on who you think will score the most runs during an innings, match or series. Working out the correct bet can be quite tricky here since there are usually a number of high scorers in a team.

Six sixes in an over

A less common market that is usually only available on limited over cricket (Twenty20 and ODIs) is six sixes in an over. I doubt you’ll find this market available for test matches or The Ashes.

This cricket market certainly adds some excitement to your betting. Whilst six sixes in an over is incredibly rare, the World Cup is as best an opportunity as there is to land this bet.

Top Bowler

Similar to the top batsman market above, you can also bet on the player who you think will take the most wickets. For the 2019 Cricket World Cup, there are nearly 100 different bowlers you can bet on with more available on request.

As you can imagine, picking the right bowler can be very difficult especially when there are 20 teams with more than 5 bowlers in each team. None the less, it’s still a great cricket betting market.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many more markets available and far too many to list in this article.

Betting promotions

As I’ve already touched on, most bookmakers offer free bets, bonuses and other promotions to their customers. And the same applies to cricket betting.

There are a number of betting methods you can use to profit from these free bets and promotions. Such methods as matched betting and arbitrage betting are incredibly popular in 2019.
Most popular cricket betting events

So what are the most popular cricket events for punters to bet on?

It’s only in the last 20 years that limited overs cricket was invented. With that came a huge amount of fans and interest.

Nowadays, short form cricket is far more popular than longer, more traditional 4 or 5-day test matches.

Twenty20 is the most popular sport in India with a huge fanbase.

In terms of betting, Twenty20 and ODIs are the most popular formats of the game to bet on. This includes events like IPL and the Cricket World Cup.