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The basics to betting on the NFL – 2019 NFL betting guide

Online sports betting has become a prominent and serious means of making money online. Not only is it interactive, but there are a number of methods and strategies known to professionals which have almost guaranteed them successful wagers.

Rounding up a number of sports betting tips for the upcoming NFL season, only a few days away, may prove to be the winning nudge needed to place the greatest wager of all time.

Here we take a look at some of the essential basics, a guide of sorts, to ensure you have brushed up on each and every factor, ensuring yourself a winning shot at winning the game.

Brush up on the moneyline

Betting on the upcoming season is going to prove as stressful as it has been most anticipated and one of the common mistakes we can expect to see is when fans misjudge themselves.

Don’t underestimate your moneyline bet. This is the winner of a particular game, one which you have wagered on. Remember who the strongest players are and if you see any unfamiliar names, do yourself a favour and study them before placing your bets.

The most common bets are betting on the moneyline, otherwise referred to as the favourite, while the opposite of this is the underdog. Brush up on the moneyline and the underdog.

Spread the bet

The ‘Spread Bet’ is often referred to as the Point Spread and is really all about getting your field of wagers covered.

Really it’s about spreading the bet, spreading the love and spreading the percentages of winning a bet. Again, you are choosing a player who, in your opinion, you think will take the match.

There is one exception, the underdog is also voted in favour of a win, just slightly different. The points wagered in favour of the moneyline are deducted and added onto the underdog.

Are you totalled?

A Totals Bet is one of the more common forms of betting for players who are less familiar with the players of the match and more inclined to take the odds projected and determine their own numbers using a formula which has proven effective in the past.

In essence, it is a bet that combines the total score of both teams out on the field and delivers a total score. You are to bet if the score will be under or over.

This is indeed a nail biter means of wagering and bettors simply love the adrenaline rush. Make sure you choose the best sportsbook casinos to ensure an accurate wager on the Totals Bet.

Future bets

If you plan on partaking in online wagering throughout the NFL season beginning on September the 5th of 2019, you may want to brush up on a number of betting methods which are available on future bets.

There are a number of various bets which will be held at both prominent sportsbook sites and online casinos which are permitted to operate online sports wagers. The trick is to finding a reliable site and staying ahead of the game by following these simple guidelines.

Finding a sportsbook

Choose a fully licensed and regulated sportsbook with accurate odds and projected forecasts. This should help you determine who will walk away as the favourite of the game and which player will be chosen as the underdog.

Also, a legalised sportsbook will pay out any winnings earned during the NFL 2019 sports season.

Choosing matches

Picking your games could be the single most important thing you do. It isn’t necessary to bet on every match, rather, try and choose your matches according to your knowledge and the anticipation of watching these matches.

The NFL sporting calendar is fully comprehensive and there are a number of online hubs projecting the forecasted matches.

Join an NFL fan forum

The internet is fully loaded with opportunities to improve on potential wagers. If you feel unconvinced of the projected odds, take it up with comrade members who may be able to advise you on this or who have more experience than you do with placing bets.

Fans may know more about the underdog than you do, perhaps they even know more about your favourite player.

Find out all there is to know about teams, previous matches, big wins, big losses and really anything which could potentially affect your bet by signing up with free fan forums.

Brush up before a game

As soon as you are ready to get those wagers down, make sure you know all there is to know about each player, both teams and even the stadium chosen to host the match. You never know what kind of information could impact the positive outcome of a bet.

With the much anticipated NFL season lurking right around the corner, any unprepared fan should begin prepping for the upcoming games. They will be hosted on the most notorious sites, paying out some incredible winnings and everyone wants their share of the pie.

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