Asian handicap betting with Bet365 – How do handicaps work in 2019?

Asian handicap betting has become quite popular over the last few years and it continues to gain momentum. Yet there are still a large number of punters who don’t understand them.

In this article, we’ll look at what Asian handicap betting is and how you can profit with bet365 and other popular bookmakers today.

Let’s jump right in.

What is Asian handicap betting?

Asian handicap betting is relatively new in the betting world. As you guessed, it originates from the Asian market.

However, Asian handicap betting has become incredibly popular in other parts of the world, especially Europe and the UK.

Punters love placing Asian handicap bets on football fixtures in the Premier League for example.

So what are Asian handicaps?

Some of you may be new to the whole concept of Asian handicaps, so we’ll start right from the beginning.

Asian handicaps are bets that are designed to make fixtures and events more even and less one-sided.

Bookmakers aim to reduce the advantage a team may have by levelling the playing field to make the betting more exciting.

Handicap betting on football

The weaker of the two opponents is usually given a head start in terms of points or goals. In football, an underdog may be given a head start by two goals for example.

The result of Asian handicap bets is not determined by the outcome of the fixture. So if your team doesn’t win in real life, your bet could still be profitable.

You can place handicaps on any sport, but the majority of punters wager them on football fixtures where there is a clear underdog and favourite.

As I mentioned earlier, this makes the whole betting process more enjoyable and exciting especially if the underdog wins via an Asian handicap bet.

It’s important to note, that if your Asian handicap ends up in a draw, your bet will be refunded. The bet is essentially void and cancelled by the bookmaker.

Different types of Asian handicap

Before you start placing any Asian handicap bets, it’s important to understand the different handicaps and how they work.

There are various types of handicap including

  • Half handicaps such as +0.5
  • Quarter handicaps such as +0.25

The handicap will be shown as a negative if you’re referring to the favourite and a positive if you’re referring to the underdog.

Let’s look at an example to help explain.

We’re going to use Watford and Leicester City. At the time of writing, Watford are sitting bottom of the table and Leicester City are third.

So we’ve got a clear underdog and favourite heading into the fixture.

So if Watford had a 2.5 goal advantage (Watford +2.5), then Leicester City would have a handicap of 2.5 goals (Leicester City -2.5).

In this scenario, Leicester would have to score 3 more goals than Watford to win the Asian handicap bet.

If the score was 3-0 Leicester, your handicap bet would win. However, if the score was 3-1 Leicester, your bet would lose thanks to the 2.5 goal advantage that Watford had.

Whilst this betting format is different from more traditional markets like Win/Draw/Win, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

You can also bet on two-way handicaps where your stake is split in two. Half your stake goes towards one handicap and the other goes to a different handicap.

If you’re confused about these, don’t worry, you can start with more simple Asian handicaps and build up from there.

Next up, we’ll look at how you can profit from Asian handicaps in 2019 and beyond.

How to profit from Asian handicap betting

As with most betting formats, if you know what you’re doing you can make some great profit betting on Asian handicaps with bet365 and other popular bookmakers.

The most important part is to do your research before placing any bets. There’s no point placing bets on gut instinct. You’ll only lose money to the bookies.

You need to know your sport inside out, whether that’s football, baseball or rugby.

Placing winning bets on Asian handicaps requires the same level of effort and commitment as other betting formats.

So you should look into team news, current form, head to head results and a host of other information. With this amount of knowledge, you should be able to find value in handicap bets.

Placing Asian handicaps at bet365

Bet365 are one of the most popular bookmakers throughout the world so it’s no wonder bettors consider placing Asian handicaps at bet365.

But is it a good idea and do bet365 offer good value on their Asian handicap markets?

Betting with bet365

In short, yes bet365 is a great choice for placing handicap bets. They offer one of the world’s most popular betting platforms which makes placing your bets a doddle.

Bet365 also offer great value odds when compared to other bookmakers in the industry.

Are Asian handicaps worth it?

So the main question a lot of you will be asking is whether handicaps are worth it.

Yes, they are 100% worth adding to your betting strategy if you don’t use them already. You can often find some great value underdogs by betting on Asian handicaps.

Most online bookmakers offer this betting format meaning you’ve got plenty of opportunities to place your bets.

Let me know your thoughts on Asian handicaps by leaving a comment below right now.

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