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About Charles

Charles Hopewell is the founder of The Sure Bettor. He built the company with the aim of ‘getting the word out’ about matched betting.

I’ve always had an interest in finding and trialling great ways to make money online. And matched betting was no different. I first started no risk matched betting back in 2015, looking for ways to help fund my travels to Australia. At first, I wasn’t sure matched betting was a legitimate money-making technique. I often thought ‘how can anything related to betting be risk-free.’ But after extensive research, I realised the truth…

Matched betting is by far the best way to make a lot of money online, in a short space of time. Well, the only one I know of. I’m still waiting for someone to contact me regarding a better way to make money online!

Having made £1000s from matched betting and learning a lot along the way, I decided to spread the word through a blog which later became The Sure Bettor. Not enough people knew about this brilliant technique and I wanted to change that.

The Sure Bettor is one of the fastest-growing matched betting communities out there so we must be doing something right. Why not join us and start making money online today.

Contacting Charles

Email: [email protected]