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5 tips to consider when you bet on English Premier League matches

The English Premier League is one of the most praised football competitions in the world. 20 teams prepare the whole year to play 38 games over the course of the season.

The first 4 clubs qualify for the UEFA Champions League and the fifth-place team enters the race for the Europa Cup.

Sports bets placed on matches played in the English Premier League must not come as a surprise because football fans won’t miss this opportunity. There are a lot of things you must take into account when placing this kind of bet, but who said you can’t follow some guidelines?

In this article, we have listed five tips you can take into account when betting on English Premier League matches.

Research and Statistics

One important piece of advice is to pay attention to the statistics. In order to decide which team you’ll choose, you need to follow its evolution through the seasons.

A wise man once said that knowledge is power, so keep an eye on any news regarding your favourite team to stay up to date.

Since 1992 when English Premier League was born, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have played in every season.

It’s important to know which teams have won previously, so take a look at the statistics from the last EPL seasons. Other important aspects are the number of points the team won and lost this season and what kind of cards they receive during a match.


The result of a match is influenced by many factors such as home advantage, players’ quality and experience, manager’s skill and tactics.

Sure, you can’t keep an eye on everything, but if you focus on important factors, this may help you place a winning bet.

Also, you can consult some particular platforms that offer predictions for this kind of match. But keep in mind to use your own judgment when you place a football bet.

Don’t act on impulse

We know you are excited when you prepare to place a bet, but you must think it through before wagering your funds. Betting on impulse without thoughtful consideration may lead to losing your cash.

Remember to always stake the amount of money you afford to lose or set a limit in advance. Check the odds to make an informed decision.

Choose a reliable platform

If you want to increase your winning chances, consider choosing a reliable platform.

Licences granted by authorities in charge and an impressive selection of sports are some important factors you must take into account. Good platforms should feature comprehensive lists of markets under each game. Also, certain sites have special offers that can enhance your betting session.

Look for a platform that is easy to use so you won’t lose time trying to understand how it works.

Loading time is also an important feature. A good platform needs to handle an uptick of customers during busy hours because a site that crashes regularly can cost you money.

Expect the unexpected

Keep in mind that gambling should be a fun activity and you can never be 100% sure of a bet, so don’t get upset if it doesn’t go your way.

Even if you know the team perfectly or you listen to certain predictions, gambling is sometimes about luck too. The key is to know how to take a loss and to move on.

These tips would not ensure a win but can help you when you consider placing your bet. Making an informed decision should come first so take your time to find out information that may interest you.

Also, select a safe bookmaker and always keep an eye on promos because these can increase your chances.

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