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5 factors that can influence betting odds

It’s time. Tonight, your favourite football team is playing, and there is nothing you want to do more than support them in any way possible. One of the most common ways to show your faith in your team is by placing bets at various online casinos.

But even if your gut is telling you that your team is bound to win, various factors can change the outcome of the game.

So before you place your money on the line, and before you even allow yourself to entertain the idea that your team is invincible – learn more about the things that can affect a football match and the outcome.

Once you do, you will be able to make better decisions when placing bets!

What can affect the match?

So what factors can affect the outcome of a match? Let’s have a look at some of them below.

Home and away records

It is common knowledge that most teams perform better during home games as opposed to when they are away.

There is no knowing why teams feel less confident while they are far from home, but bookmakers take this information into account when calculating betting odds. When a team plays in a familiar environment, along with their support they are automatically marked as the most likely to win.

However, not all teams fit the pattern, and in rare cases, a team will perform better during away games. If you know that your team can perform better than most while on the go, use the knowledge to your advantage and bet for the underdog!

Team lineup

In some cases, the outcome of the game depends on the performance of a few key players.

If those players are indisposed, it can change everything. Whether it’s because of the coach’s decision, an injury, or any other reason – the outcome of the game might be drastically affected, which is something you should take into account.


The way every player, and the team in general, acts should be taken into account when you place your bets. If you know that some players are more prone to receive a red card than others, it can change the course of the game and influence the results.

When the team is ruled by poor discipline, it is bound to affect everyone’s focus, motivation, and the general atmosphere, all of which can greatly affect the outcome of the game.


Not many people stop to consider the team’s schedule when placing a bet, but it is a factor that should grab your attention. When a team has a busy schedule, especially if it’s packed with away games, it can cause fatigue and influence the team’s performance.

Also, if the team has to face multiple tough opponents in succession, it can lower their confidence and morale, which in turn can change the outcome of the game. So pay attention to the team’s schedule and use this knowledge to make smarter betting decisions.

Weather conditions

Checking the weather forecast before placing a bet might seem a bit strange, but it can help you in the betting process. If the game falls on a stormy day, the rain can influence the team’s ability to play.

Some teams will use the rain to their advantage to perform a long pass, while teams that rely on short passes will suffer the consequences.

Are you ready to place your bets?

There are a lot of factors that should be considered when you place your sports bets. Make sure that you have all the relevant information, in addition to the latest betting tips, before you gamble for real money.