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2020 US presidential election betting odds – US politics betting

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With the race for the White House already well underway there’s a lot of debate as to who’ll take over from Donald Trump or whether he’ll stay as head of state for another term.

We’re also waiting to find out who the Democrats will put forward to take on the current chief of state?

US election winner betting odds

  • Donald Trump – 11/10
  • Elizabeth Warren – 4/1
  • Joe Biden – 11/2
  • Bernie Sanders – 10/1

Winning party betting odds

  • Democrats – 4/5
  • Republicans – 1/1

Democrat candidate odds

  • Elizabeth Warren – 7/4
  • Joe Biden – 11/4
  • Bernie Sanders – 11/2

Will Trump get re-elected?

The question a lot of you will be asking in the coming months is whether Donald Trump will get re-elected and serve another four-year term as the US president.

According to some media outlets, recent polls show that Trump’s task of being re-elected has got considerably harder having lost some ground in key locations. So much so that the Republican National Committee is keeping figures to themselves.

However, Trump has already raised more than $100 million for re-election and recent history shows that most presidents are given another four years in charge.

Trump will also need to defeat Republican challenges from the following declared candidates:

  • Bill Weld
  • Joe Walsh
  • Mark Sanford

Other Republicans such as John Kasich have suggested they may challenge Trump in a primary. These candidates are all longshots as Trump is very likely to remain the Republican candidate.

However, if the 2016 election proved anything, you can never make assumptions in US politics.

Who will the democrat candidate be?

The main question a lot of people are wondering is who the Democrat candidate will be for the 2020 election on November 3rd.

The Democratic field contains a record number of women and non-white candidates which is great to see. Elizabeth Warren is the bookies favourite to take the challenge to the Republicans next year.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren would become the first female US president which would be a major milestone for US politics. In recent polls, Warren is slightly ahead of Joe Biden and leaving Bernie Sanders behind. Warren and Biden will both take part in a 3-hour debate tonight (12th September) so we’ll wait to see how they fare.

Joe Biden

The established Joe Biden remains strongly in the running to be the standard-bearer for the Democrats in 2020. Having served as vice president under Barack Obama, Biden is a popular candidate in the Republican party.

Bernie Sanders

The final key democrat candidate is Bernie Sanders. The current US senator from Vermont is a slight outsider with Warren and Biden the main two candidates.

However, a lot can still change.

2020 US presidential election betting odds

With still well over a year until the 2020 US election and a lot of campaigning to be done, it’s almost impossible to predict who will be in charge across the pond come the end of November.

However, it’s very likely Trump will remain the Republican candidate.

Who do you think will be the next US president?

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